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Founded in 2020 by longterm friends Laura Doggett and Seb Foux, Juice Creative is all about the human touch in a digital world. We understand what it’s like for creative people and their teams to negotiate digital strategies and brand partnerships — because we’ve got two decades’ worth of experience on both sides of the table. Laura was signed to Sony as a singer before her consulting work for clients like Polydor and Dirty Hit led to the creation of Juice, while Seb’s been managing artists since his teens, in recent years contributing creative direction to acts like Yonaka, Baby Queen and Barns Courtney.

We know artists can’t be heard or understood by the world if they’re not first heard and understood by their team, so while we’re well-versed in decoding data and conducting research we’re also proud to follow our collective instinct. We specialise in building bespoke, highly personalised relationships, designed to creatively empower and artistically fulfil. We’re the glue that keeps a project together; from a brief engagement like a one-off TikTok campaign, brand partnership or photo shoot, to curating a longterm creative campaign.

Through platform-agnostic creative and platform-specific assets, Juice approaches each campaign by equipping every creator with the right tools for the type of success that’s right for them. A lightning rod for some of the planet’s most diverse and exciting talents, Juice is only ever one call away from a thriving network of creatives. But our starting point is always our clients vision — we’ll never pretend every channel is right for everyone, but we do know there’s a way for every original voice to authentically express themselves in the modern world. And we know our job’s not done until we find it.

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